We work with a range of clients and industries nationwide and throughout London to ensure that asbestos is removed safely at the sites, buildings and properties that we work at.

Our company is the leading provider of asbestos removal services that we have been involved in this business for over 35 years. We offer a diverse range of services related to asbestos management, surveying and assessing, demolition and reinstatement. Our attention to detail, accurate reporting and focus on best practice means that our clients can be entirely confident on the projects we undertake. We always deliver excellent results and our team will always make the most professional suggestions resulting in solutions that keep our clients and your occupants safe.

Projects that we have taken on previously include those in the commercial, industrial and retail industries and we have also completed contracts on many domestic properties too.

We have a huge portfolio of customers nationwide and within Essex, London and the South East and welcome any enquiries whether they relate to the concern of asbestos or if you need know of its presence.

Our team will work with you closely to survey and detect asbestos if you believe it is present, and we will of course control and manage asbestos should you need to demolish a building or part of your property where asbestos may be in the walls, ceilings or appliances that you wish to demolish or dispose of.

Our management team will ensure your project is planned and on time covering a full method statement and risk assessment before work commences.

The correct air tests will be carried out during the project and on completion a certification of the disposal of the waste with be given to you along with a copy of the consignment notes.

We remove all types of Asbestos:

  • AIB
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Sprayed Insulation
  • Barn / Garage / Shed / House/ Roofs
  • Gutters & Down Pipes
  • Vinyl Floor Tiles
  • Toilet Cisterns
  • Artex Ceilings & Walls
  • Soffits & Facias

In fact, there are many more asbestos items that contain the toxic fibres associated with the material.

In summary, our asbestos site managers have each gained 35 years of knowledge in asbestos removal projects and will ensure your site is safe and compliant to the latest regulations to ensure your staff, visitors and sites are 100% safe whilst work is in progress.

There is never a right time to remove asbestos. It is always at an inconvenient time when planning a project. Our experienced team and our asbestos engineers will ensure your project is on time and on budget. Our service to you ensures you have nothing to worry about. We will plan the project, ensure all the paperwork is correct as standard for any work that is carried out. We own a vast amount of plant and equipment to ensure your project is not delayed. We only employ contractors through our company, we don’t outsource. This way we can ensure that our clients can be confident of a great service at all times.

We don’t make a drama out of a crisis so when the presence of asbestos is suspected contact us and we will make a site visit. Every time we are called we undertake a survey assessment and come up with the perfect solutions to suit you, your budget and of course keep your building and its occupants safe.

Call or contact us today, don’t delay to discuss your requirements and let us find your solutions. For free advice call us on 01375 644779 / 07704 347865